715 Health Assessments

An annual 715 health check can make a real difference in keeping people health and strong. But only about a third of Aboriginal and Tores Strait islander people are getting their health check completed.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages can get a free 715 health check with the practitioners at Newcastle Medical Hub. This health check helps identify whether you are at risk of illnesses or chronic conditions. It is much easier to prevent these than to treat them, so catching them early can make a big difference.

At the appointment, a healthcare worker will ask you about your health and your family medical history. They will gather information about your health through a full assessment. You will talk about a plan to stay in good health. All up, the 715 health check should take under an hour.

If you have a chronic condition, your health check can help make sure you are getting the medication and care you need. You can also ask your healthcare worker about anything you are worried about or need help with.

After your health check, and with your agreement, your doctor can refer to you up to 10 free follow-up services if needed like:

  • A specialist or another health service
  • A counsellor
  • A service that works to prevent chronic conditions

If you can, try to go the same doctor or clinic each time, so the health professionals you see know about your health needs.

Next time you are in to see a doctor at Newcastle Medical Hub book your 715 for you and your family. Remember, your health is in your hands.