Our Mural and Indigenous Art

My story begins in the centre of the artwork where you will see a large meeting place symbol. Surrounding this symbol there are a number of u shapes. Thes symbols in Aboriginal culture represent individuals and paly an integral part I the artwork where they are representing the doctors and medical specialists gathering around.

The chosen colours of yellow ochre and the use of varied black dots represent the colours of Allied Health.

Throughout the artwork you will see three meeting places. The one on the left represents Gillieston Heights Medical Centre, the middle represents Newcastle Medical Hub and on the one on the right represents Abermain Surgery.

I have created four large circular symbols in the rich colours of ochre to represent our land and to always make you fee welcome to this special place where our culture continues to grow.

In the centre of the artwork there is a blue line with cream coloured dots which represents the Hunter River and the connection to the cultural diversity of our community.

The five blue circles are symbolic of the water around us connecting to the land.

The leaves featured on the artwork are the fallen leaves of the ever-changing seasons, always different from the last.

This artwork has been created as a welcome to all communities far and wide to our Medical Hub.

Artwork and story: Chrissy Feros in collaboration with in2paint.